Luis Jorge Rios

Luis Jorge Rios

About Me

Luis Jorge Rios is a combat veteran who served 10 years in the US Army with deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. Graduating with a degree in counter terrorism his first part of his career was spent in the intelligence community traveling to Israel and Spain. Venturing into sales Luis dominated high ticket sales using the skills he has learned from military intelligence. Which lead him to work for charity events and nonprofit organizations were they asked for him to sell sponsorships and raise large amounts of capital. Luis successfully raised over 1.5 million.

He was able to work with a nonprofit sponsored by the Mark Cuban foundation and later on was mentored by Mark Cuban.

This allowed him to venture into the world of press and events such as TEDx where he organizes them. Luis now works with high influencers in press and with TEDx. He has interviewed many celebrities and is well-known to help people become of influence and enter high status venues.

Luis can take anyone with passion and desire to super levels in media press and speaking.